Dream BIG!

I hope everyone has at least one dream. It can be a small dream or a big goal. And if you don’t have any at the moment, that’s okay, too.

The point of this quote is to not let your fear of failing stop you from going after something you want in your life. I have a few goals, and yeah, some of them are scary. But I am taking things one day at a time. I take a big dream of mine and I have write out small steps on how I can work towards my goal.

That is one of the ways I am letting myself see something as a giant goal, broken down into smaller achievable goals. When I break down my goal into smaller goals, suddenly the goal isn’t seen as something scary. Sometimes when you have big dreams, you start to feel overwhelmed and you start becoming more scared of failing.

We often feel that because the bigger the dream, the more we might have to risk for this goal.

My advice is to not let your fear of failing determine whether or not you are going to go towards this passion. Just slowly begin by taking one step after the other. Baby steps can take someone very far. After all, “a lifetime is a series of baby steps.”

You go after your goals, and never look back.

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25 Lessons I’ve Learned When I Was 25

Goodbye 25, hello 26!

Time is just flying by, but I have learned a lot of lessons. In honour of my 26th birthday here are 25 lessons I have learned in the past year…

  1. Count my blessings — big or small. Having had a near death experience, I have learned to always be thankful for everyone and everything in my life.
  2. It’s okay to change career paths. This year allowed for me to widen my horizons about my career and what I want to do. I haven’t actually finalized anything yet, but it’s good to have options. And I don’t need to make any decision right now, but I will have a decision soon.
  3. To chase my dreams. I like to think that I learned a lot about myself. I rediscovered what is valuable to me and ways to pursue and reach my goals.
  4. Never settle! I often felt like I need something better — a better job, a better place to live in. I felt like I had outgrown those things that I needed something else.
  5. Always save up for a rainy day.  It’s important to set aside some money whenever you receive money, whether it be a pay cheque or a gift, etc.
  6. Learn to enjoy the small things. Like Winnie the Pooh would say; “Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take up the most room in your heart.” I couldn’t agree more with that expression. I have been noticing and appreciating small moments in my life.
  7. Make time for reading. I have been learning to spend more time reading. Reading is one of my favourite pasttime.
  8. Practice good health care habits. There have been nights were I just get too cozy to brush my teeth or brush my hair, but I get up anyway, because I don’t want to regret it in the morning. I hate waking up to a big knot in my hair. So I always make sure to do these errands before I get too cozy.
  9. Learning to let go. I have been purging through my belongings and donating things that no longer serves me or adds any value in my life. It isn’t just things that I am giving up, but the same goes for bad memories. I kept their lessons they have taught me, but I no longer need to be a prisoner of my past and wrongdoings.
  10. There will be times where I’m not okay, and that’s okay. I have had my share of bad times this past year. And eventually I have gotten better and recovered from those hardships. It is okay to not be well every time. Time heals our wounds. And with my wounds, wisdom is followed. I used my wisdom to learn and get better.
  11. Setbacks doesn’t mean I failed. Last year, I had left a job that I was at for two years to pursue a job in my educational field. Because it was only a seasonal job, I needed to find something else after my contract was finished. I applied to many different jobs, thinking this place is the one for me. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, I wanted to do something different. Nothing had worked out for me, so I had to go back to the job that I worked at for the past two years. It made me feel like a failure and it took me awhile to only see it as a set back instead. Setbacks don’t equal failing at something, it just means that the road you are trying to get to is under construction. Which brings me to my next point…
  12. Nothing is permanent. Everything is only temporary. So it reminds me that I should enjoy the good times because not everything can last forever. And for the bad things, I must not worry because they won’t last forever either. “Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.”
  13. Be cautious of who I spend my time with. They say the closest five people you spend most of your time with, determine many things. There are studies that say you pick up habits of your inner circle. So if I am not with people who bring out the best of me, and encourage me to be and do better, than I should find some other people.
  14. I should love myself first. Before I can love anyone, I must make sure that the first person on the list is me. It is not selfish to love yourself. It is necessary because if I don’t (love myself), then I am showing the world that I don’t matter. And I do. I must treat myself like I am my own best friend.
  15. Drink more water.
  16. Whatever happens, stay calm. After my car crash, I was really worried, but I tried to stay calm regardless of what was happening to me.
  17. Walking and exercising can solve most of your problems. This also helps reduce your stress and worries. And exercising has many other health benefits, too.
  18. Pay down your debt often. Don’t wait to pay off something. My boyfriend and I are working on paying our debt and student loans. And once we finish paying it off, we vow to not go in debt again.
  19. Make sleep a priority. As of lately, I have managed an inconsistent sleeping routine, which I am trying to break out of. I would either get too caught up in my books or a show that I can’t go to bed without knowing some answers until I read the next chapter and watch the next episode. Now, I am learning to develop my evening routine.
  20. My words and beliefs become me. If I keep on thinking about positive things, positive things will come my way, and vice versa. I have to continue to think good thoughts if I want good things.
  21. I must work for what I love. I will only work towards my passions and my goals.
  22. I found that being successful begins with one small step and taking a leap of faith. As well as believing in myself and my goal itself.
  23. I feel that with everything that this year has thrown at me, there were days where I didn’t feel like I was me. I’m sure everyone can relate to those days where they don’t feel like themselves anymore. Like the famous quote said; “In the forest I go to lose my mind, and find my soul.” I felt like I really connected with that quote this past year. In a sense with all of these loses I really did indeed find myself.
  24. Whatever I think or believe in becomes my reality. So I make it my best to get my thoughts upbeat so everything that I want to come true, does. If I keep on thinking negatively, then only negative thoughts are going to happen.
  25. Learn to express gratitude and always be thankful for what I have. I must not forget the hard work that other people do for me. And how much people love me. I should always show my gratitude no matter what.

Follow Your Heart

Today I called my Dad to tell him about how well I did at bowling and then we started talking about sports. We love sports! My favourites are hockey and football but I also like baseball and basketball.

My brain is consumed with football right now!

I enjoy watching and following sports. My boyfriend and I were debating about going to a baseball game next year. It something that we were thinking about but haven’t decided yet.

Today, I will do something that will bring me a step closer to my dreams.

Ordinary Day – Vanessa Carlton

I loved this song! I would always listen to it on repeat.

“I started to realize
That everyday he finds
Just what he’s looking for,
Like a shooting star he shines.

He said take my hand,
Live while you can
Don’t you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand”

To me, this song is about meeting someone who changes your perspective on something and wanting to live your life before you get too old. You have the potential to turn your wishes into reality.

Better Than Before

“Set daily, monthly and long term goals and dreams. Don’t ever be afraid to dream too big. Nothing is impossible. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve it!”

-Nastia Liukin

I love this quote! It inspires me to better myself. I am working on improving myself and setting healthier habits for myself. This is the perfect quote to start the month with. There is no turning back now. 🙂


“There was a typewriter

Buried alive in that horse,

The one I used to ride out of the flood.”

I don’t know what it is but I love this quote. To me, I see it as a way of chasing your dreams no matter how many obstacles stand in your way; you must continue to work harder to achieve your goals.

Following Your Dreams

I read this today…

“Julia Child’s kitchen, which was also the set for her TV shows, is now on display at the National Museum of American History.”

I love cooking and I love Julia Child. I haven’t tried any of her recipes but I would love try one day.

I will do something today that my future self will thank me for.

Chase Your Dreams

I learnt that it’s important to chase after your dreams no matter what. Remember obstacles are put in your way to see if what you want is really worth fighting for.

I’m planning on going to school next year so it’s important for me to start saving now. I think it’s a good start. Earlier this year I wasn’t too concerned with saving but now I am. I’ve been trying my best from refraining to buy anything.

But after tomorrow I will only buy the bare minimal – food, bus tickets and other things like that.

Today, do not allow something to stop you from achieving goals. It a daily practice that you must do in order to move forward.

Never Give Up

Today I learnt the importance of never giving up on your dreams.

If you must keep at it and never give up.

Today, I will not let my dreams die. I will remind myself; “Don’t wish for it. Work for it!” Never give up.