Day 47

So my original plan was to babysit my niece since my sister works today. But my sister’s boyfriend checked on the road conditions, and realized that they were bad. He made the executive decision to stay home from work, since it snowed a lot overnight! I wasn’t needed to babysit my niece since she was going to spend the day with her dad today. My boyfriend also had the day off, too.

So we got to spend an extra day together, since he was off yesterday, as well. I was so excited! We got to relax today, we watched Tarzan, I haven’t seen that movie in so long. And I swept, and washed the floor, since I don’t normally get to do it today. So that was a good feeling to get that done. It was a great day to relax, and make time for getting small errands done around the house, too. I also got to make some time to read some books. I love snow days.

Today, I will use days off, or snow days, depending on where you live, as a day for fun, but also for a day that I can accomplish my chores, and errands around the house. It is important to dedicate some time for chores, but it’s also important to spend time having fun as a reward.


Day Nine

I have learnt this from Gretchen Rubin, and her book The Happiness Project. As part of her section called Secrets of Adulthood, she mentions that “What may be fun for you doesn’t mean it’s fun for others.” I have always thought about that, but I haven’t actually considered it. As bad as that may sound.

Like today, I wanted to watch the football playoffs, but my boyfriend didn’t really seem that interested in them. I kept on asking him about him throughout the day. I could have just watched the games on my laptop, I had no issue, but he wanted to just lay there on his phone all day. He didn’t really have an interest for all of the games.

Sometimes this may be challenging to accept that there might be other people who disagree with you and what you do for fun. But this is okay. This sort of shapes you in who you are as a person. The world might be a bit boring if everyone liked the same things, and disliked the same things as well.

Today, I will understand that the things I enjoy may not be for other people. And what’s fun for them, may not be fun for me either.

Advent Calendar of Kindness 2020 Day 7

I would love for Christmas to be more about the joy of being in everyone’s presence, than by making Christmas too commercialized like it has been over the past years. Yeah, it’s cool to receive presents, but that isn’t what Christmas should be about. We shouldn’t have to go in debt to show someone how much we love them.

I have thought of an Advent Calendar filled with challenges that will help spread joy and love, without having to go in debt. I hope these challenges help others find happiness.

Today’s challenge is to tell someone a joke. It’s so much fun to make someone laugh. Although, please make sure you aren’t laughing at anyone’s expense.

My joke is…

What do you call a pair of shoes made from bananas?
A: Slippers

A bonus joke…

What did the ocean say to the shore?
A: Nothing, it just waved.

I would love to hear your jokes in the comments! 🙂

Late Night McDonald’s

My friend and I were quite hungry after our support group so we went out to McDonald’s afterwards. It brought back so many memories from my childhood.

We went to McDonald’s a lot. I remember this summer my sister and I were still up at 5:30 in the morning and we asked our Dad to go to to McDonald’s for a McFlurry before he went to work. But they don’t serve it at that time.

My grandparents would take us out to the McDonald’s playground after swimming.

Those were the good ol’ days.