Bow tie Noodles With Spicy Sausage and Bell Peppers

I usually make pasta and peppers with honey garlic sausages but mama bought mild sausages they were still good. I enjoyed it.

I used bow tie noodles, yellow, orange and red bell peppers and herbs and garlic pasta sauce. I also served it with garlic bread. It was superb. We also added Parmesan cheese.

I had to make this for mama because when we were grocery shopping she thought that I was making this for her and I but I was making it for my boyfriend and I. His older brother and their mama joined us since they helped out. I always wanted to have a nice gathering with his family. I enjoyed it a lot.


Chicken Parmesan with Penne

I thoroughly enjoy pasta. My dad took my sister and I out for dinner. It was delicious of course! We had unlimited garlic bread with Caesar salad. Which are my favourite foods. I ordered the chicken Parmesan with penne. It was divine.

Cheese Garlic Sticks

My friend asked me if I wanted anything else with our pizza and I said; “I love bread.” so after a tough time deciding we selected “Cheese Garlic Sticks” and we got Mariana sauce with it. It was so good! 🙂