Day 144 of 192

This is Friday’s item.

I have offered this scarf to my mom, but she said it didn’t compliment her coats. So I have decided to pass this to my Grandma to give this away to someone she knows. And she had told me that she is going to give this to one of her neighbours. It’s a beautiful scarf. I feel really good that this scarf is going to get worn, instead of just stay in a container.

Day 139 of 192

My Grandma has given me a lot of clothes in my lifetime. I am grateful to be able to let them go. I used to wear a lot of them, but now I have appreciated the fact of being able to wear a few of my sweaters. It used to take me awhile before I needed to repeat a sweater. I used to care so much about what people thought of me, until recently. I am thankful that I have changed, for the better.

It is a freeing feeling to be comfortable of living with less. This one used to be one of my favourite sweaters to wear in the wintertime, because of the faux fur around the neck and top of the sweater. It really kept warm during my walks to school. I used to get a lot of compliments on this sweater.

Although it no longer fits me anymore, but that’s okay.

Day 137 of 192

This is Friday’s item.

My Grandma gave me this sweater. She either found it at a garage sale or a church sale. It kept me really warm because I walked a lot in high school. I went to the library to print off of my assignments, and I walked to school. My Grandma gave me a lot of sweaters, so I can stay warm.

Day 133 of 192

This is Monday’s item.

I was going through my pajamas and I came to the realization that I have kept a bunch of stuff that I no longer use, or things that no longer fit anymore.

It is really freeing to let things go. I am extremely proud of myself. I have kept my belongings in different houses. I have things at my sister’s house. These are items that used to be in my room when I lived with my mom. I have a few things at my Grandparents’ house, such as Barbie accessories. She was giving them away to her neighbours, and friends. My boyfriend and I have some of our future things that we are saving for our first official place, such as pots, and pans, other kitchen accessories at his mom’s house. I am trying to remove items from other peoples’ homes. I would feel much more comfortable with having my items in my home.

I am finally going through the containers of stuff that I have at my sister’s house. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that I have less things at my sister’s house. I have found a bunch of things I don’t use anymore. I am free from these items.

I came across these pajamas pants that no longer fit me. But I will pass these on to my Grandma, and she will know someone who can benefit from these pants.

Day 130 of 192

These are cool pants, but unfortunately these pants were too small since I got them. I kept them in case they fit me… one day. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

But I am glad that my Grandma is going to give them to her friend’s granddaughter. It feels amazing helping out others.

Day 127 of 192

This is Tuesday’s item.

Since my Grandma gave me other bathing suit, and I haven’t worn this one in a really time. I thought it would be best to depart with this item.

I probably had this for a few years. My Grandma probably gave it to me, or I had received this as a gift.

I’m glad that I have gotten rid of 127 items. I am finally starting to get rid of things that I no longer use. It’s a liberating feeling.

Day 125 of 192

This is Sunday’s item.

Because I was always cold all the time, my Grandparents would keep their eyes out for all of these different sweaters at garage sales, and church sales for me. It was nice, but most of the time it became overwhelming because I ended up having a lot of sweaters! And I mean a lot!

I have finally had time to go through all of my things, and found out that the majority of these sweaters no longer fit anymore. Although I am happy because I’m able to pass them back to her, so she can give them to her neighbours. It feels amazing knowing that I am helping someone.

I really appreciated my Grandma finding me all of these things for me. Between my older sister and my Grandma finding me and passing down all of these clothes, I rarely had to go shopping throughout my life. Which probably is why I became obsessed with shopping three years ago.

I feel proud of myself for being able to help others.

Day 112 of 192

Today marks the 16th week of partaking in this journey. I can’t believe there are only 11.5 weeks left of 2020. That is crazy how fast this year went by. It was definitely something else, that’s for sure.

With the colder weather approaching where I live. I decided I wanted to go through my winter accessories. I realized how selfish I have been. I have kept all of these scarves just in case. But I have decided that I am only going to keep a lot less now.

I used to walk to school, so I was always cold. That being said, my Grandma would find a bunch of scarves at church sales, garage sales, and from her neighbours and friends. She would just give me this, and this why I have so much stuff now, since I couldn’t say no. But now I can.

Six years, after I moved out of my childhood house, into a two bedroom apartment with my mom. I decided to go through my scarves. I realized that I had about 30 scarves. I managed to get rid of about two thirds of my collection.

I realized that it’s best to keep two winter scarves and two light scarves. That way you can wear one and wash one at the same time. I dedicated today’s item to this scarf. I normally need it. It’s really beautiful, but I have already decided on what I wanted to keep.

Day 81 of 192

In the container I had at my sister’s house, had found multiple head bands. I don’t really wear them anymore. At least not as much anymore. I used to wear them every day.

But this was one of them, I no longer wanted to have, as you can I still had the price tag on it. I won it in one of those surprise bags.

I kept a few of the ones I used to wear. But I’m going to pass this one on to my Grandma because she would know someone that would like this.