Day Ten

I will understand the importance of making a to-do list for the day, or for tomorrow. I will make sure that I keep it to a list of a maximum of four things. That way it is an easier to accomplish your list. And when you schedule yourself to do too much, you often feel overwhelmed, and thus, setting yourself up for failure, or for procrastination. Normally, whenever you see a long, daunting list of errands, and chores, you don’t really feel motivated to get things done, but when you see only three items, you feel more motivated to actually want to accomplish those chores.

For instance, on my to-do list for tomorrow, I have this planned for my day…

  1. Go grocery shopping
  2. Clean the bathroom
  3. Cook dinner

These tasks shouldn’t take up too much of my time, probably no more than two hours. And the bonus part is that I’ll be able to get my walk in to the store. Getting my exercise in is important. I’m starting to exercise more which has been fun.

Today, I will learn to make to-do lists with no more than three items. This will ensure that I prioritize my most important tasks. By only having three things each day, I am able to focus on things that actually matter, and that they will get done.


Thankful Thursdays #26 – December 24th, 2020

I have a lot to grateful for this time of year. I hope everyone can find gratitude in your heart. I would love to hear what everyone is grateful for.

Here is my list…

  1. One of my roommate is making steak and baked potatoes for tonight’s dinner. That’s exciting!
  2. I got to rearrange my room, slowly getting ready for the start of the 2021.
  3. By rearranging things in my room, I have more room for a dance party, that is always fun.
  4. My boyfriend has the day off work, so we are able to spend more time together.
  5. I was able to go grocery shopping, and found a lot of things on sale. That was exciting.

Advent Calendar of Kindness 2020 Day 2

Instead of indulging with a calendar of chocolate, counting down to Christmas, I thought it would be a better way to celebrate with being kind to others, and this allows us to spread love to strangers, and people we care about.

Today’s Challenge is to let someone go in front of you in a line. I know people are visiting less stores these days. but if you are ever in line, let someone go in front of you. I tried to do this a few days ago when I went to the grocery store, but the lady said it was okay. I tried, but hopefully the next person I offer agrees. If they don’t, it’s not a big deal to me.

I try my best to spread love, and kindness to everyone I see, and talk to. I enjoy seeing people happy, and smile because of something I have done, and said. 🙂

This year, spread kindness, not germs.

Busy Weekend

I had a busy, but fun weekend. Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I got caught up with out chores, and our meal plan. We also cleaned up a little bit.

Then on Sunday we spent the day relaxing by watching football, which is always fun.

On Monday, I had the pleasure of babysitting my niece. That was a lot of fun. That was the first time her and I got to spend a lot of time together.

Then today, I cleaned up some more, and made a delicious soup in the crock pot. I’ll be posting the recipe soon.

The weekend that I spent cleaning and catching up on chores was definitely needed and beneficial to me.

Thankful Thursdays #12

Hey everyone!

It always feel like these days keep on going by so fast.

Here is a list of things that has happened to me throughout the week that has made me grateful.

  1. I am thankful that my football team won against my second cousin’s team. Not only did I get to brag about my team winning, but I also got bragging towards her for beating her team
  2. I am grateful that there were many great sales at the grocery store. I not only saved a lot of money, but I was able to buy delicious ingredients for my dinners.
  3. My sister bought me a few groceries when she was doing her own shopping, so that was cool.
  4. I am glad my mom gave me two of her French onion soup bowls. They are oven safe. You are supposed to serve the soup in these bowls, and grate cheese on top of the soup, then you broil it in the oven, and all of the cheese melts perfectly. I can’t wait to use those.
  5. And lastly I am grateful for being able to spend more time throughout my day reading my books.

What are some of the things you are grateful that happened this week?

Grocery Shopping

Welcome back to the final post (for now) regarding resetting your finances.

Another tip to help you cut back on your finances, is to grocery shop strategically.

What I like to do is I…

  1. Take inventory of what I have, and what is about to go bad. I would include these foods for either the next day, or within two days or so.
  2. Check my local grocery store flyer, and see what is on sale. I add things I enjoy on my list. My favourite things to buy are colourful vegetables that I can add to my pastas, stir fries, etc.
  3. Have No Meat Mondays to help eliminate the cost of meat, since meat is the most expensive food group at the grocery store. I’m an omnivore so I enjoy meat and vegetables, but I try to cut back on meats.
  4. Buy family packs of meat, and freezer bags. I prefer to buy family packs of meat so I can separate my portions into two, or even three meals. I buy bulk sizes for a lot of things, as well. When I freeze my food, I write the contents and date, and expiry date. Then I just thaw it in the fridge when I need it.
  5. Stock up on all sale items. If you see something that you like on sale, and it won’t go bad fast, I tend to stock up on it. There would be good sales on pasta noodles, and pasta noodles so I like to stock up since it is a cheap sale, and noodles last a long time. I like to add noodles in my soups, pasta dishes, and other dishes, too.
  6. Figure out my meal plan using the ingredients. I like to make dishes with the same ingredients so I can roll those ingredients to other meals. For example when zucchinis are on sale, I can so many dishes with that. I can add to it my pastas, I can make into a ratatouille dish, and I can make zucchini boats. That is where you slice them long wise, and scoop out the remains, and you can stuff it with sausages, or with other vegetables.
  7. Stick to the list. If it isn’t on the list, you must discipline yourself to buy what’s only on your list. Nothing more.
  8. Keep it within my budget. Now everyone is going to have a different budget, depending on how many people you live with. If you can try to keep your expenses to half of your monthly income.

I really hope this helps everyone, in case you needed that extra motivation to save money.

Grocery Shopping

Hi all!

So today was the first time I went grocery shopping by myself during this whole pandemic. I mean, I have gone grocery shopping on my own before. But going alone by yourself in the middle of pandemic, just feels a bit more scary.

I live within walking distance of a grocery store. What made it intense was trying to open those produce bags, without licking your fingers. But I ended up using my hand sanitizer as a added moisturizer.

My grocery store is fairly well with having arrows, and signs that let you know how where to stand, while remaining two feet apart.

It took some getting used to at first. Especially since I have only been at this grocery store a few times since I have relocated to a new house a few months ago.

It was okay. I wore my mask, I had my hand sanitizer in my clutch. I always was anxious leaving a purse in my buggy before covid-19, so I always carried my clutch since it’s an over body bag. It’s not too big, but it carries my cards, my sanitizer, a pen, and my keys.

The hardest part of it all, was packing everything in a bag, because the cashier can only have two customers bag their groceries at once. I hate making others wait, so nothing was packed strategically at all. Which made the walk back home, really difficult.

I’m trying my hardest to carry all six bags back home. I was struggling, and I thought I was going to be able to manage this, alas, I couldn’t. I had to keep putting these bags on the ground and take a breather after every few houses. I had realized that one of my bags had teared up, luckily I didn’t leave a trail of food in my tracks. My arms and hands were so sore from carrying all of this. I sent a text message to my roommate and hoping that he wasn’t busy. So he came and helped me carry everything back.

And when I came in, because all of those bags touched the ground, I just threw them in the garbage bin. I sometimes use them as garbage bags for the bathroom garbage bins.

All in all, things weren’t as scary as I thought. I just have to follow the rules and signs, and I’ll be okay.

Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea

My boyfriend and I went grocery shopping yesterday. That was fun. i love going grocery shopping with him. I wrote out our grocery list and despite that tea wasn’t listed that didn’t stop me from going down the tea aisle. That was such a great decision!

I found Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea! I literally screamed and jumped for joy! I have been searching everywhere for pumpkin tea! My day was even more complete. Then my boyfriend and I also bought a pumpkin which we are going to carve later. Photos to follow.

We added sugar and milk to it and it was great! I was planning on going back there to buy ALL of the PUMPKIN TEA. My boyfriend thinks I’m kidding… He knows me too well. But I will still buy some more. You can never too much pumpkin tea in your life.