Thankful Thursdays #16

Hey everyone! I cannot believe that I have been writing Thankful Thursdays for the past four months, now. It is crazy for how fast time is flying by.

Every week I spend time reflecting on what I am thankful for. Feel free to partake in the comments, if you like.

  1. Since it was our Thanksgiving weekend, my boyfriend was off on Monday, so we had an extra day to relax together. That is always fun!
  2. My boyfriend also bought me a new mop, it works a lot better than our other mop.
  3. Yesterday my boyfriend and I tried a new ice cream flavour we haven’t tried before. We tied a peach flavoured ice cream. It was so good.
  4. Having a midnight snack with my boyfriend this morning. That was a lot of fun.
  5. Using my local library to put books from To Be Read List on hold. I’m super excited to start going through all of those books.

Thankful Thursdays #11

It’s another week round up, where I talk about the things that made me thankful.

  1. Being able to declutter and purge through my things from my container. It is an amazing feeling. Some of the things that are in these containers are some of the things from childhood. And the rest of the things aren’t useful to me, but can be useful to other people.
  2. It’s Kick Off Night! Thursday Night Football is back. I love NFL, so I am quite excited that it is returning.
  3. Last Friday I got to hang out with my sister and niece, which was a lot of fun. I got to meet my niece’s friend from the playground.
  4. Being able to hang out with my boyfriend at an ice cream parlor, and tried new flavours of ice cream. That was a lot of fun.
  5. And lastly, I am grateful for my mini camping fort in my room. It is so much. It’s just a bunch of blankets laid on the floor. It gives me a new place to read and write my blog.
My niece and my foot. She really liked doing this. She’s so adorable. I love her!

What are you thankful for?

Thankful Thursdays #7

It’s another Thursday which means another Thankful Thursday.

This is where I write a list of five things I am grateful for. I encourage others to make their own list, as well.

  1. I am thankful that I got to spend time with my boyfriend throughout the week, he was off for an extra two days. It was a lot of fun to just hang out neglecting the world.
  2. I am grateful that my boyfriend is just as excited as the clutter free zones as I am. I have declared our coffee table and our night table are often dumping zones (from my boyfriend), so I said that we should keep them spacious and free of clutter.
  3. I am happy that my boyfriend and I went out for a date last night. We went out for ice cream and to the beach to watch the sunset. It was amazing!
  4. I am thankful for my followers for continuing to like my posts, and writing positive and thoughtful comments. Especially with all of the feedback I have received from my short story Taxi Driver
  5. I appreciated my sister for messaging me earlier in the week. I understand she is busy, so I don’t hold that against her. It does make me happy when she does message me. I miss hearing from her. I miss her dealry.

National Ice Cream Day

Hi everyone!

Did you know that the third Sunday of July is National Ice Cream Day? Well it is!

My boyfriend and I stayed in and celebrated this “holiday”! We also celebrated meeting six years ago, today. So that was a lot of fun.

We had chocolate ice cream with peanut butter, and mini peanut butter cups. It is as delicious as it sounds!

S’mores Chai Iced Latte Float

Hi, sorry I didn’t write this yesterday, I was so tired from work. But here is my Tea Tuesday post, on a Wednesday!

I was at least able to document my tea experience yesterday. I had a S’mores Chai iced latte float, topped with chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. Oh, my goodness! It was delicious.

As you might not have known, S’mores Chai is my favourite tea right now. I first tried last year, and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s a rich chocolate treat, with bits of marshmallows, and graham crackers. It is a pu’erh tea, which in order words, an energizing tea.

First, I like a strong tea, so I can let this tea steep for as long as I want to, because it has an even richer flavour after several of hours. I have it as an iced tea, so I don’t have to worry about it being cold. Last summer, I would steep it before going to bed, and having it first thing in the morning.

This time, I only steeped it for about an hour or so, placed ice in it. Next I frothed my milk under the cold stir setting. I then poured in the milk, and topped it off with a scoop of my chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, as a special treat. Because life is too short, to not treat yourself.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Yesterday morning, I brought over pumpkin pie ice cream to my boyfriend’s. We had some for breakfast, which wasn’t all that healthy, I know. I’m glad that my boyfriend enjoyed it!

I am so sad that a lot of places are discontinuing their pumpkin collection. I wish pumpkin season was longer. 😦

Peach Sundae

Later on today, my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend and her best friend will be having a peach sundae. I’ve been waiting to have for the longest time. I am so excited. 🙂

This will also be my boyfriend and I’s debut since he hasn’t met my sister and boyfriend.

Reese’s Cup with Banana Royal Ice Cream

I’ve tried these ice creams before but never tried them together until earlier today. Banana Royal is banana with strawberry. It’s a royalty kind of dessert. Reese’s Cup has pieces of peanut butter. It was paradise in a dish.

Of course I had a glass of water afterwards because like my boyfriend says “It’s refreshing.” which it totally is. 🙂 ❤

Inner Child

When times get stressful, you should embrace your inner child. Children live stress-free lives well the hardest decision they have to make is which ice cream flavour they would like to devour.

But they enjoy the simplest things in life, they love to play and they never judge others for anything.

I began thinking these thoughts after spending quality time with my boyfriend’s nephew today. His nephew is adorable. I also had ice cream with my sister later on in the day.

Whilst my boyfriend was walking me to my sister’s he picked a flower from one that was in a hanging basket in a lamp post. That was quite adorable.

Remember it’s okay to colour outside of the lines. Colouring is said to be a beneficial way of dealing with stress. Let go of stress and have fun.

Today in times of stress I will release my stress in a child like kind of way.