Iced Peach Matcha Latte – Tea Tuesday

Hey everyone! Welcome to another addition of Tea Tuesday. Today, I decided to have an iced peach matcha latte.

My sister bought my boyfriend and myself somewhat matching mugs last Christmas. I love tea and Disney, so it was the perfect gift.

First put the ice in the mugs.
I put in five scoops of peach matcha into my matcha bowl, and then I began whisking it after adding boiling water to make it liquid.
Then pour the matcha over ice, while the milk is frothing.
I got thirsty and took a few sips, before I remembered/realized I didn’t capture the moment of the frothed milk.

Tea Tuesdays – Raspberry Matcha Iced Latte

Matcha tea is powdered green tea. It is actually from a whole green tea leaf, so you get all of the extra benefits of green tea.

This is what the matcha powder looks like. Prepare to boil the water while you portion your matcha.
When the water boils, pour it in the bowl.
Using a whisker, bring whisking the liquid in W and M motions to create an even blend. I didn’t realize my giraffe slipper was in the shot. LOL!
Next fill your mug with ice and pour the matcha mixture into your mug of desire.

Pour frothed milk over the matcha mixture.


Cookie Dough Latte

Hey everyone! It’s another Tea Tuesday.

Alas, summer is winding down, so I am trying to drink out of my summer fun mugs. I adore my honey pot mug. My boyfriend likes to call me his Honey Bee, so he had bought me this mug, which is perfect for me.

Today, I decided to have cookie dough, as a hot latte. It’s amazing as always. It is a white tea, so it heightens my focus.

It contains almonds and walnuts and cocoa peel. It has a sweet and decadent taste to it. It tastes delicious as an iced and hot latte.

Forever Nuts – Tea Tuesdays

Hi everyone, it’s another Tuesday, so that means it’s Tea Tuesday! I love drinking and talking about tea so much.

Today’s edition is a Forever Nuts as an iced latte. It’s another hot day.

Forever Nuts is like a decadent nutty apple pie. It has a taste of cinnamon, with sliced apples, and almonds. It is a caffeine free treat, leaving your sweet tooth satisfied. As you can see, it changes colours, because of the beetroot added in the tea. It is so magical. It’s one of my favourite teas, ever

Iced Blueberry Matcha Latte

Matcha is amazing! It is finely powdered green leaves, so it comes as a powder.

When the water is boiling, you need to portion it in your matcha bowl.
Next, place ice cubes in your mug of choice.
Then add boiling water and whisk it, insuring that the powder has dissolved.

Froth the milk

Top it off with your frothed milk