Day 192 of 192

Wow! This is it! I am so proud of myself for finishing this project. I am about to ring in the new year with 192 less items than I would have. And I was able to help other people in the process. It’s a liberating feeling knowing that I did this.

Not everyone knows this, but I have had my things spread out in three other houses, four if you include the actual place I live at currently. Now, I only have things in three houses. My goal for the year was to bring it down to one, but I had to refrain from these houses because of the pandemic. But hopefully by the end of next year, I’ll only have my things in my house, the one I live at.

I still feel like there’s a few more things to give away. I hope I also inspired other people to go through their belongings, too.

This decluttering journey inspired me to write a short story, which is something I was planning to work on in the new year. That’s really exciting.

But here it is! Item number 192. It isn’t a big reveal, but it is still something.

I found this item in a container of my belongings. I have kept this way longer than I needed to. I plan on giving these to my Grandma, because I am sure she knows someone who would appreciate this.


Day 1 of 192

I am starting a new challenge, where every day I work on removing an item from my life. It can be anything from clothes, to anything I no longer need anymore.

The reason I picked 193 days is that is how many days are left of 2020. I would love to start 2021 with less stuff. And this way I would be able to help others, because I will be going through my clothes and really purging my closet. I picked one item a day, because it is something easy, and doesn’t take much thought or effort. Having to only get rid of one item is beneficial to me, because it is something that won’t overwhelm me with.

But if you are comfortable, feel free to get rid of more items in a day.

Feel free to join me in on this journey. I am trying to waste less, so if something is still in good condition. I will donate or give away these items.

I suggest in order for you to keep the momentum going, I would recommend starting out with easy things – things that don’t hold much or any sentimental value to you. Check your medicine cabinet and cosmetics making sure nothing is expired, if so, it’s rubbish.

If you are partaking in this challenge, and everything in your medicine and cosmetics are still good, you can start with your clothes or anything that doesn’t have much meaning to you.

I was going through a drawer in one of my organizers, and I found I had this lip gloss, that has unfortunately expired since I recall buying it awhile ago. I don’t want to take any risks with expired cosmetics, so I have to discard this.

Feel free to write about your journey in the comments below.