Chicken Shawarma

Earlier my boyfriend bought me a chicken shawarma and a beef for himself.

The cook opens the pita and places the the half on top of each and adds lettuce, turnips, pickles, chicken, a little bit of hot sauce and garlic sauce.

Then he placed it in a sandwich griller. It was delicious.

Chicken Shawarma With Hot Sauce

I usually don’t add hot sauce to my chicken shawarma but today I decided to add some spice to my life. 🙂

It was still delicious.

I have a lot of things to mine – turnips, parsnips, hot pickles, pickles, cucumbers, salsa, garlic sauce, lettuce, chicken and hot sauce.

Chicken Shawarma

My boyfriend’s brother was nice because he asked me if I had anything for dinner. I didn’t so he offered to buy me something. We had a chicken shawarma. It was divine! 🙂

It was made with lettuce, onions, pickles, cucumbers, chicken and this garlic sauce wrapped in a pita.

Taco Salad In A Hurry

I was pressed for time so it wasn’t as spectacular as I would have prefer but it was still tasty.

I had a bowl and I placed lettuce in the shape of the bowl then added the hamburger meat and a few yellow peppers with salsa.

It was still good but could have been better. This used to be one of my favourite lunches.

Cashew Nut Chicken

Today was such an amazing day (well after I finished work of course!). I loved it. My boyfriend is the best. ❤

We met up after I finished work and we had such a joyous time. We had dinner at a Thai restaurant because he knows that I love Thai food. I had the cashew nut chicken it came with rice, carrots, green bell peppers, lettuce and cashews. It was delicious.

Then afterwards we went shopping. I bought books and we did a bit of browsing for another shopping outing. He also bought me a giraffe. It is the cutest giraffe ever. It has a pink bow and everything.

Well, I got a bit sidetracked… But I will be sure to continue the rest of our date for tomorrow’s blog post. I just loved my evening. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else but him. 🙂 ❤

Chicken Burger

This is a different burger from my last post… As you can see I love chicken burgers.

Today I added lettuce, pickles, onions, chipotle sauce, mayo and creamy garlic with cheese curds. It was delicious since the chicken was placed on top of the cheese curds thus resulting in melted cheese. It was delicious! 🙂

Sandwich de Pollo (Chicken Burger)

I’ve been practicing my Spanish all day! 🙂

Anyway today I had a chicken burger – it was delicious. I had it with chipotle sauce, lots of pickles, hot peppers, mayo and lettuce – the one that it shaped like a fan… I don’t know what it is called. It was so good. I savoured every bite.

Hot Dogs And Hamburgers

I went to the beach with my boyfriend and his family. His sister-in-law made hot dogs and hamburgers and she made a spicy mayo. It was amazing! I had one of each. And on each I had spicy mayo, lettuce, onion and on and pickles.

The smart part of them was that they cooked before they left and placed tinfoil in the bottom of a tray with a lid on them.