Top Ten Tuesdays #21 – January 19th, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

The rules are simple: Each Tuesday, Jana assigns a new topic. Create your own Top Ten list that fits that topic – putting your unique spin on it if you want. Everyone is welcome to join but please link back to in your Top Ten Tuesday post.

This week is all about books that you meant to read last year, but the year got away from you, and you didn’t have a chance to read them. Perhaps you can read them this year, I know I will be doing that.

  1. The Queen’s Gambit
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I haven’t had the chance to read this book yet, but my interest grew, because I know there is a Netflix series. I have been waiting to get a copy from the library, so I haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet. But I am really excited to check this out. I have heard wonderful things about it. It’s crazy because this book was first published in 1983, and Netflix helped made this book more popular.

2. The Guest List

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I love reading thrillers, and this book is the perfect cozy mystery, where there is a murder at a wedding, and everyone there becomes a suspect.

3. Midnight Library

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There is a library that showcases books of what might have happened had you made different choices in your life. It is an enchanting tale. I can’t wait to get read it from the library.

4. Anxious People

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A bank robbery goes wrong, and the robber runs away from the bank and storms into an apartment of strangers at a viewing. The robber takes the group of strangers for hostage. The strangers realize that they have more in common then they had realized. They realize that they all have secrets and grievances. I have heard that it is an emotional, but humourous.

5. The Chef

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I first saw this book at the library, and I got it for my boyfriend to read. He didn’t read it in time, so I had bought it for him for his birthday. I still haven’t read it yet. I plan on reading it soon, since the story takes place just before Mardi Gras. A police detective and a food truck becomes Louisiana’s Most Wanted. He believes that his city is under attack. Although he isn’t exactly sure where what is going to happen, although he only knows that innocent lives are at risk.

6. Little House in the Big Woods

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I recently got reunited when I was organizing my belongings. This was in one of my containers from when I finally went through my belongings of my old room from my mom’s. I received the book set for my 13th birthday. It made me sad that my mom and I never finished this series, since life got too busy for us. It’s the real adventures of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family. A cherished story from generations about how her family prepared for cold winters, and how they worked together to ensure they were ready.

7. The Flight Attendant

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I kept on seeing the commercial for this show on the TV, and I came to the realization that it is a based off of a book. I was quite intrigued. I was so excited that I was able to get it from my library not too long ago. I just got to finish a few books before I start reading this book. I cannot wait! Cassandra who is a flight attendant and a binge drinker, so blackouts and not being able to remember the night before aren’t uncommon for her. One morning she finds herself waking up in a wrong hotel room, and a man who is laying in his own blood, dead. She has no memory of what happened, and she is far away from home.

8. The Secret Garden

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I bought this DVD not too long ago, and I have been meaning to watch it. But I have never read this book before, I would love to do that one day. It’s about a young English girl who moves from England to India after the traumatic loss of both her parents. Her memories of her parents are not pleasant since her parents were selfish, and neglectful. She moves to India to live with her uncle. Upon her arrival she is rude towards her uncle. Once he is away from their home, she discovers a walled garden that is always locked. She then hears a a sobbing sound somewhere in her uncle’s mansions, although the servants ignore her, or pretend they haven’t her concerns. The mystery sparks her interest and curiosity.

9. Charlotte’s Web

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The book about friendship, love and death. Charlotte tells her feelings to a pig named Wilbur, who he wants a friend. They express their love for a girl named Fern, who takes care of the pig on her family’s farm. This book always hold a spot in my heart. I loved this book for just over half of my life. I first read it in the seventh grade for a school project.

10. Where the Crawdads Sing

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Long ago, people suspected a quiet fishing village was haunted. Kya Clark who lives carefree in the wild. When one day, one of their villagers has died, everyone suspects Kya. But Kya isn’t who everyone thinks she is. She has one day of school, and she learns everything from the wild. There comes a time where she wants to be touched and yearned. Two men become attracted to her ability of being able to survive on her own. She begins to open herself up — until the unthinkable happens. In this thought provoking book about how isolation effects and influences our behaviours. I have heard many great things about this novel, especially since most of us have been isolation from the pandemic of the coronavirus. It is Delia Owens’ debut novel.

Top Ten Tuesdays #17 – December 22nd, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

The rules are simple: Each Tuesday, Jana assigns a new topic. Create your own Top Ten list that fits that topic – putting your unique spin on it if you want. Everyone is welcome to join but please link back to in your Top Ten Tuesday post.

This week it’s about books we wish Santa brings us.

  1. In A Holidaze
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I have heard amazing things about this book. I cannot wait to read it one day. It’s about this girl who basically gets stuck in a time loop and has to relive her Christmas over and over again to find her true love under the mistletoe.

2. Midnight Library

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Another book I had heard great things about. It’s about how there’s this library that has an infinite amount of books, some of them are about what would your life be like if you had many different choices in your life. It’s about finding out what makes life living in the first place.

3. One by One

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The first (and only book, so far) that I have heard by Ruth Ware was Turn of the Key, and it was amazing! I loved reading that book so much. I am excited to read this book because my Grandma read it, and she told me she really enjoyed it. This is like a Whodunnit meets thriller kind of book. It’s about 12 people who get snowed in a chalet.

4. Guest List

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They are calling this book one of the best thrillers of the year. It’s about a wedding where someone ends up dead. People begin to wonder what happened, and why this person had died.

5. Anxious People

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When a bank robber failed to rob a bank, he then bursts into an open house, and holds people hostage. The group of strangers realize that they have more in common than they thought.

6. The Return

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This is the story of an injured Navy doctor, and two secrets that will change his life forever.

7. The Devil Wears Prada

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I have watched the movie, and thought it was amazing! So I have always wanted to read the book.

8. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

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It’s about how about a murder case that has been closed for a few years now, and a student in her final year picks this as her project, she discovers that people in this town has secrets.

9. Confessions on the 7:45

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It’s about how these two strangers, Selena and Martha end up having a conversation on the train because they are sitting next to each other. Martha talks about how she believes that her husband is having an affair. Which makes Selena confess to Martha that her husband is sleeping with the nanny. Eventually the train stops at their destinations. They assume that they wouldn’t see each other again.

But days later, Selena’s nanny goes missing, and she now becomes a part of the disappearance of her nanny. This results in her marriage problems arising. So, who exactly is this Martha person?

10. The Guilty Mother

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*Trigger Warning* Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Murder

This book is about a woman who deals with the death of a young infant from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and then a few weeks later her other twin daughter dies.

This mother is facing murder charges for her twin daughters. But did she really do? If she didn’t do it then what really happened to her children?

Goodreads Mondays #3 November 2nd, 2020

This post is where I write about a book that is on our To Be Read List (TBR) List, and we discuss why we want to read it.

I have a lot of books on my TBR List. I am trying to make more time to read more books, so I can cross more books off of the list.

This week I would love to read The Guest List by Lucy Foley. This book is a mystery/thriller, which are my favourite genres. It’s about how someone ends up dead at a wedding.

People’s Rating on Goodreads: 3.87/5