Day 158 of 192

I found this stashed away in my container of random things that used to be in my old room when I used to live at my mom’s. When I was already staying at my boyfriend’s. Sometimes it was challenging to go to my mom’s house, because of our different schedules, and whatnot. My mom had offered my old room, so my sister’s boyfriend drove me over to pack up my things in a container, to get sorted out later. It was a last minute thing. I am finally going through my belongings. It feels great to not have my things at someone else’s house.

I came across this old make up brush that used to be my sister’s, and she used to live at my mom’s three years ago. So it’s safe to say it’s old, and she doesn’t even remember having this. I’m just going throw it away, since I already have my own make up brushes for special occasions.

Day 85 of 192

I totally forgot that I had this eye shadow. I remember when a guy friend invited me over to his friend’s birthday party. I wanted to look pretty like everyone else. Mostly because I liked this guy at the time. I’m pretty sure I spent all of this money for one night.

And now I can’t wear it since it’s at least seven years or something like that. I just found it in my container that I purged through last week. It is very freeing to get rid of these things.

Day 67 of 192

I remembered that I had opened my mascara on May the 28th, and mascara needs to be thrown away after three months of use.

I’m not going to replace it, or at least any time soon. To me, applying make up, isn’t that great of time well spent, at least I feel that way. Nothing personal to other people who like to apply make up.

I just realized it isn’t really for me. I like to save applying make up for special occasions like a wedding, or some family gatherings.