Mango Cake

The other day it was my boyfriend’s friend’s birthday and he came over with a slice of cake for my boyfriend and I to indulge in. It was a delicious cake.

It reminded me of when my boyfriend took us out for dinner for our one month anniversary we had mango everything – mango juice, mango salad and mango chicken. It was superb. 🙂 ❤


Strawberry Banana Frozen Juice

When my boyfriend and I took the bus so I can bus home after spending time with him, we went to this cafe we had this smoothie. I ordered a strawberry banana whereas he ordered mango. I was going to get that but then I found that he was getting that it was best if I had something different that way we could share each other’s.

Peach Mango White Tea

For those who don’t know me I absolutely love tea! Last week my boyfriend and I tried this tea and it was so good.

My boyfriend adds sugar, a lot more than I typically add (I guess we aren’t sweet enough – I’m kidding, we totally are.) and we also add milk. I usually don’t add milk and sugar to my tea but since my boyfriend does and makes ours with it I started liking it again.