Corn on the Cob

Earlier with my boyfriend’s family we had corn on the cob. We spread mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese. It was superb as always. I love eating corn that way.

Chicken Burger Wrap

IMG_20151203_151426713Last night my boyfriend’s mama gave me some tortillas to take home with me. Good thing because they are delicious!

My sister came over unexpectedly so I prepared this lunch for us.

Whilst the chicken was cooking I spread ranch dressing and chipotle sauce on my sister’s tortillas. I had mayo and chipotle sauce. I sliced two pickles. I would have added more ingredients but it was last minute… But it was still delicious.

Then after the chicken burgers were done I sliced them up and placed them into the torilla with the sliced pickle.

I heated it up in a frying pan for a few minutes.

I wrapped aluminum foil around it since it was hot on the fingers.

Chicken Burger

This is a different burger from my last post… As you can see I love chicken burgers.

Today I added lettuce, pickles, onions, chipotle sauce, mayo and creamy garlic with cheese curds. It was delicious since the chicken was placed on top of the cheese curds thus resulting in melted cheese. It was delicious! 🙂

One Thing – Eating Healthier

As of lately I haven’t been eating healthy as I should. Some days I try more than others. But today I ate granola cereal and then for lunch I had a chicken burger because my boyfriend didn’t tell me the supper menu but that’s alright. For dinner I had Mexican rice with a chicken patty. It was superb.

Although mind you the second chicken patty I had wasn’t as healthy as my lunch one since I spread mayo all of it…

But it’s a step.

Sandwich de Pollo (Chicken Burger)

I’ve been practicing my Spanish all day! 🙂

Anyway today I had a chicken burger – it was delicious. I had it with chipotle sauce, lots of pickles, hot peppers, mayo and lettuce – the one that it shaped like a fan… I don’t know what it is called. It was so good. I savoured every bite.

Corn on the Cob

I was at my boyfriend’s house and his mama made us lunch. I ran into her on the bus. I was taking it to their house and she asked me if I wanted to go grocery shopping with her so I agreed.

She bought a watermelon and some corn on the cob. Then she cooked us the corn and they dress it with mayo and Parmesan. It was quite delicious. They told that it’s a Mexican kind of way to eat corn on the cob.