Day 158 of 192

I found this stashed away in my container of random things that used to be in my old room when I used to live at my mom’s. When I was already staying at my boyfriend’s. Sometimes it was challenging to go to my mom’s house, because of our different schedules, and whatnot. My mom had offered my old room, so my sister’s boyfriend drove me over to pack up my things in a container, to get sorted out later. It was a last minute thing. I am finally going through my belongings. It feels great to not have my things at someone else’s house.

I came across this old make up brush that used to be my sister’s, and she used to live at my mom’s three years ago. So it’s safe to say it’s old, and she doesn’t even remember having this. I’m just going throw it away, since I already have my own make up brushes for special occasions.

Day 147 of 192

Today marks week 21 of my decluttering project. So far I have gone through two containers from my old room, that I have kept at my sister’s house for a few years now. I have two more containers to go through. It feels amazing knowing that whatever I am getting rid of is going to benefit someone else.

All of this extra space has allowed me to fill the open spaces with things that I actually enjoy, and I know these possessions of mine brings me joy.

I used to be obsessed with incents, but when I moved into my boyfriend’s house, for some I didn’t even pack any of them with me. So I when I saw them at the bottom of this container. I decided it was best to let go of these, because I have shown myself that they sparked little joy. I figured after these years, they had lost their scent.

Day 61 of 192

This item is from Saturday, as I have fallen behind in my blog posts.

I had decided to give my cousin my old college lanyard that I got at one of the open houses. I ended up getting a new one on my first day, two years ago. I like this one better because it actually has my speciality on it, instead of the name of the college, I attend.

Although, I am not in school at the moment, I have completed a year of accounting. I do plan on going back and finish in about two, maybe three years or so. I just would like to move out in to a new apartment with my boyfriend, and I can’t do that until we pay down our debts first. Right now, we are living with one of his friend’s and his family. I find living with other people while studying to be distracting. That’s just me, though.

For those who might be worried, I will definitely go back to school.

I hope this lanyard provides my cousin with confidence and help her believe in herself.

Digital Declutter: I uninstalled seven apps I no longer use. That makes me so happy.

Day 8 of 192

I am back on track. Starting the week off fresh.

I have been enjoying making these small changes in my life. I feel like it’s the small changes that has the bigger outcomes. I feel like now is the best time since some time next year, my boyfriend and I will be moving out to be on our own. I just feel like I don’t need to take all of these things with me. I have been slowly decluttering things from my life over the past years. I really like the idea of living with less things.