January Resolutions 2021

This is the first chapter of my My Happiness Project. It is where I discuss small habits that can add so much value and happiness in my every day life. I was inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project. Every month, I focus on a new aspect of my life. This month’s theme is Boosting Energy. Every first day of the month, I will write about my resolutions, and why I think they will help. On the last day I will report back on how I did, and if it actually helped me increase my happiness. To see all of the other upcoming months, check them out here,


My Resolutions

  1. Get more sleep
  2. Exercise More
  3. Organize
  4. Tackle a nagging task

Get More Sleep

The past few years, we have been known to work more hours, more than ever before. Working longer at work can negatively impact our happiness, because we often have less time for the things that matter to us, like our relationships, hobbies, and properly taking care of ourselves. I know that everyone is in a different situation than others, so I can understand where you are coming from if some nights may be more difficult than other nights. I just wished there was a way that we didn’t have to put our bodies through so much.

So because we are working a lot more than we have compared to the previous decades, we need to take proper care of our bodies. And one way to do that is ensure that we are getting enough sleep each night. Some nights may be more challenging than others, but it is still important to try.

Our adult bodies should be getting at least 7.5 hours, although some people say that they can function on less, others need more. Perhaps it takes you awhile to fall asleep. Here are my tips for you!

  1. If you can, refrain yourself from screens (phone, TV) at least one hour before bed
  2. Drink sleepy time tea
  3. Write in a journal (your thoughts, some chores and errands for the next day)
  4. Read a book (preferably one that doesn’t deal with stressful topics like money, business, cookbooks, these just don’t seem like they would be helpful before bed)

My plan is to create an evening and morning routine to help me with this transtition.

Exercise More

I plan on taking more walks in my neighbourhood. My goal is to walk at least 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes every day. I will start off small, and increase the more I walk. I’m really excited for these new changes in my life. I might even download some Tedtalks, and or some audiobooks for my walks.

I will try to make healthier dietary choices as well. I will limit my intake on take out, sugary foods, and drinks.


Because I have already gotten rid of some things already, it is time to work on organizing things around my room again. This time is a bit different, because I am enforce my boyfriend to do the one minute rule, which is if takes less than one minute to do, you can’t postpone from the task at hand. Some of these things include hanging up a sweater, or a coat when you come in from outside. Put something back where it belongs. “Do what ought to be done.” – Gretchen Rubin.

Tackle a Nagging Task

Like Gretchen Rubin says in her book, having a long to-do list drains energy, we should slowly work on tackling tasks that we continue to push off, and not do. We probably waste more energy and thought process on ways to avoid this task than if we did this actual task itself.


I cannot wait to get started in this journey. I will keep track of my tasks using a check list. I’m really excited! If anyone else is wanting to partake in this journey, please keep me updated. I would love to see other posts.

Cleaning Up

When I was cleaning, I came up with a whole new post I can write about it. I feel like I have moved into a different direction of my blog. I want to write more posts about being positive, and ways you can better your life.

So I have come up with Feel Good Fridays. It’s about doing things that will help you feel better.

Today’s mission is about spending as little as 15 minutes, (or more, depending on how you are feeling) tidying up, it can be dusting, making your bed, cleaning your mug, maybe clean your bathroom.

You will not believe how much better you will feel when you clean your surroundings areas. It makes a big difference. I’m glad that I cleaned my bathroom, swept and mopped my bedroom floor.

My mind instantly became calmer, and more relaxed. It was one less for me to do on my to-do list. You can start small with something like making your bed, and let yourself become inspired by doing other tasks, too.

Day 14

With all of the things that has stressed me out I wasn’t able to finish all of my resolutions this week. I broke several but that’s okay, too.

First things first I have wrote a list of things that I would to accomplish before the end of the month. Most of the list is to declutter my house. I completed another nagging task so that’s good. It gave me something to check off of the list.

Going to bed early has been a really big challenge so I am going to try to go to bed early tonight. The thing that makes it difficult is that my boyfriend works afternoons. I like to socialize with him before I go to sleep.

I am half way down my room. I need to organize my memory box. This task is going to take a lot of patience because I need to declutter a lot of that.

I missed milk and sugar in my tea so instead of my milk, honey and cinnamon I went back to sugar. But on plus note I have had more vegetables. I am still getting into the habit of taking my supplements.

Next thing I need to work on is being more active and flexible. I want to do a run with my boyfriend before the year ends. If that is something that we do then we should start training as soon as possible.

I am slowly adding more reading into my daily routine.

I will continue to strive forward with my goals.


One Thing – Desk

I have organized my desk but only the top of it. I will have to sort through the drawers since they aren’t as organized.

I have a set aside a day where I would sort them.

One Thing – Clothes

I have a lot of clothes, which today I was supposed to go through. But I did half of a task which is better than nothing. I put away my clothes. Sometimes it takes me awhile to do because my closet is sorted in a particular way. I will be sure to tackle the other half of this project.

A Productive Evening

A productive evening creates a successful morning.

I learnt that preparing for tomorrow in the evening is essential if you want to accomplish what you wish to complete.

I kept telling myself; “Oh, I’ll do this later.” for everything. And when later comes I have so much to do because I kept on pushing everything to a later date instead of dealing with it.

I find that the more organized I am the less I panic and become stressed about something.

Today, I will try my best to prepare myself. I will try not to put things off for another day, when I can easily accomplish it today.