Minimalist Game Day 19

The rules are simple, you get rid of things from your life, either by selling them, throwing them away, or donating them. On the first day, you remove one item, and then on the second day, you remove two items, you keep on playing until it’s the end of the month, or whenever you run out of things to remove from your life. It is okay if you can’t make it until the end of the month. Personally, I would rather see items get donated, or sold to someone else. If you must throw something away, I hope it’s because it isn’t fixable. Even if you have removed three items from your life, you should still be proud of that, because it is three more things you removed before the challenge. But if you are able to complete this challenge, you would have gotten rid of almost 500 items! That’s a lot of stuff.

This is from March the 19th.

This was given to me as part of a Christmas present last year. It’s a gift card holder, but I don’t really have any purpose for this.
These are old tea samples that I have bought a little while ago. All of these teas were delicious.
These pajamas pants were given to me by my Grandma, but I just had too many pajamas at the time to really appreciate these. I am going to send this back to my Grandma, and see if she can find someone to appreciate these more than I did.

Not photographed…
1 Former employee card
1 Former work insurance booklet
9 Old invoices from online purchases that got placed in papers that need to be shredded

Day 136 of 192

This is Thursday’s item.

My Dad had bought these pajama pants for Christmas several years ago. These were really cozy. I liked the colours. But unfortunately now that I have tried these on, they no longer fit me. But that’s okay, someone can enjoy them.

Day 134 of 192

This is Tuesday’s item.

I am currently going through my pajamas. Because my sister bought me these pajamas for Christmas, I was going to save this for when my niece gets taller. I have kept a few of my clothes for her, that I think she would like. She actually has a pair of these at the moment, but she’ll eventually outgrow those.

I really enjoyed wearing these, I felt like they were really cozy.

Day 133 of 192

This is Monday’s item.

I was going through my pajamas and I came to the realization that I have kept a bunch of stuff that I no longer use, or things that no longer fit anymore.

It is really freeing to let things go. I am extremely proud of myself. I have kept my belongings in different houses. I have things at my sister’s house. These are items that used to be in my room when I lived with my mom. I have a few things at my Grandparents’ house, such as Barbie accessories. She was giving them away to her neighbours, and friends. My boyfriend and I have some of our future things that we are saving for our first official place, such as pots, and pans, other kitchen accessories at his mom’s house. I am trying to remove items from other peoples’ homes. I would feel much more comfortable with having my items in my home.

I am finally going through the containers of stuff that I have at my sister’s house. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that I have less things at my sister’s house. I have found a bunch of things I don’t use anymore. I am free from these items.

I came across these pajamas pants that no longer fit me. But I will pass these on to my Grandma, and she will know someone who can benefit from these pants.

Day 132 of 192

This is Sunday’s item.

When I was in the fifth grade, I was in the hospital because I had severely burned my leg. I needed to have a skin graft so I was in the hospital for two weeks. A lot of friends and family had visited me. My grandparents visited me every day, and my parents rotated every other night to sleep over night with me.

A lot of doctors and nurses told me that I was very brave. My mom’s friend bought me these pajamas for me. But unfortunately since I had gotten these several years ago, they no longer fit me anymore. I was really grateful for people’s time and compassion towards me.

I loved these pajamas.