Reese’s Cup with Banana Royal Ice Cream

I’ve tried these ice creams before but never tried them together until earlier today. Banana Royal is banana with strawberry. It’s a royalty kind of dessert. Reese’s Cup has pieces of peanut butter. It was paradise in a dish.

Of course I had a glass of water afterwards because like my boyfriend says “It’s refreshing.” which it totally is. 🙂 ❤

National Chocolate Day!

Today I was fortunate enough to spend time with my sister and my ma. We had a joyous day. We went to the grocery store to buy a baguette with our lunch. My sister wanted to have this chocolate ice cream but she didn’t bring her wallet so I bought it for us.

And that’s how I learnt that it is okay to buy a treat every now and again. As long as it doesn’t turn into an everyday event you should be okay.

I enjoy being generous and sharing is caring! 🙂