London Fog

While it is not certain as to who the actual creator is, it was actually invented in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is said that it was created at Buckwheat Cafe, which is now closed. A regular customer, named Mary Loira, who became pregnant and was no longer able to have caffeine. Mind you this dates back to 1994, so I assume, at the time, they figured the coffee caffeine was bad for pregnant women. But it’s a bit confusing, since Earl Grey has caffeine in it. But I guess that’s the beauty of modern medicine, it’s always evolving. She changed her usual coffee drink to an Earl Grey tea, with steamed milk, and a bit of vanilla.

Although there are many other places who say that they were the first ones to invent this drink, but this is the most agreed upon creation of the London Fog. In the early 2000s many coffee shops such as Second Cup, and Starbucks added this drink to their menus. There are many variations of this drink depending on where you order this. In Dublin, they call it a Dublin Fog, and instead of using an Earl Grey tea bag, they substitute it for an Irish English Breakfast tea. In Mexico, they substitute the vanilla, for agave. In Halifax, they use dashes of Nova Scotian maple syrup instead of the vanilla.

I used the classic recipe for it. I bought my Earl Grey tea bags with vanilla infused in the tea bags. I let it brew for 5 minutes. Then I froth my milk in my milk frother. Once the tea is done steeping, I remove the tea bag, and pour the frothed milk on top.

This is my mug of the day. It was a Christmas present many years ago from my aunt and uncle. It’s one of my favourite Winter mugs. I also like it because my favourite hockey team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. I find it adorable because the penguin is on skates. Penguins are my second favourite animal, my absolute favourite animal is giraffes.


Day 143 of 192

This is Thursday’s item.

I have also came across this bag. I was planning on purchasing a glass penguin figurine for my aunt for Christmas since she loves penguins. Unfortunately, my dad’s side has decided a few weeks ago that we were going to postpone celebrating Christmas. Which I don’t mind, although I do miss spending time with my dad’s side of the family. We have cancelled everything this year. They have restrictions at the retirement that my Grandpa is living at. It is sad, but at least I know everyone is safe.

So, until I can see my aunt, I was planning on just holding on to this for the time being. It’s a really cute bag/

Day 105 of 192

I hope everyone had a joyous weekend.

105 days down, 88 to go!

I kept this bag in hope that I would be able to see my family come Christmas time, but if I don’t, that’s okay. I rather know that my family is safe then have to worry.

I kept this bag for my Aunt, she loves penguins and I always try to find something penguin-y for her Christmas present. I get her a small gift for hosting the dinner.

If I don’t see her for Christmas, well, I’m sure there will be another time I will see her.