Thankful Thursdays #2

It’s another Thankful Thursday, where I write about the things I am thankful for the week.

  1. The house that my boyfriend and I live is set to be really cold with the AC on, so I am thankful to have cozy socks and fluffy blankets to keep us warm.
  2. I am grateful for all of my teas. I love trying new tea, and having a bunch of different mugs. My favourite is S’mores Chai.
  3. My boyfriend got informed this morning, that he didn’t have to come in to work today, so he got to have a bonus day off, and I was off today, so we got to spend a day together. Which is perfect because I work on the days he has off.
  4. I love having pizza night, especially with my boyfriend.
  5. I enjoy talking a walk with a boyfriend. We went exploring in our new neighbourhood. We had a lot of fun.

What are the things that has happened this week that you are grateful for?

Garlic Bread

My family and I were celebrating my Dad’s birthday we went to his parent’s house and we ordered pizza and wings.

It also came with garlic bread. It was amazing. Some restaurants just use butter but this time this restaurant added garlic. It was superb!

Hawaiian Pizza With A Twist

I was at my boyfriend’s and we were going to have soup but I don’t like tomatoes and the soup was made with this tomato paste so we had to get something else. We ordered a pizza instead.

We had double cheese, pineapple, Brooklyn pepperoni with green peppers. Absolutely amazing!! I loved it. 🙂 ❤

Showing Up

Today was my boyfriend’s sister’s birthday. It was a lot of fun. Their other brother showed up with his wife and son. My boyfriend’s nephew is so adorable.

I had an enjoyable time. We had pizza followed by cake. My boyfriend and I were supposed to make her vanilla cupcakes – her favourite but he forget to tell people that so we had a cake instead.

We might make them tomorrow but I don’t know.

She really liked her gifts. 🙂 I’m glad she did. ❤

Today I will do something that would make someone happy.

Shawarma Pizza

The other day my boyfriend and I ordered a Shawarma pizza. It was topped with cheese, shawarma chicken, onions, hot peppers and black olives. My boyfriend’s side had tomatoes on it. But I don’t like tomatoes. It was good.

Hawaiian Pizza

I absolutely love pizza. Pineapple is my favourite topping.

My boyfriend and I ordered a Hawaiian pizza that had pineapple and bacon crumble on it. Anything pineapple is delicious! 🙂


One of my coworkers, (I have to ask her if she likes my code name for her – I use code names when I write my blogs about people to keep their identity anonymous) offered me a slice of pizza. I agreed and she told me she made it.

It was a little spicy but I didn’t mind. It was so delicious!

She added pineapples, green peppers, onions and mushrooms.

I had when I finished work, which was perfect because I was hungry.

Salsa Pizza

I was at my boyfriend’s and we decided to try this salsa pizza. It was better than we thought it was going to be. It uses salsa as the sauce and it has cheese with taco beef and onions. We also got an order of potato wedges those were delicious as always!

I love the time that I get to spend with my boyfriend. 🙂 ❤