The Future

I had breakfast at my boyfriend’s today and his sister joined. It was the first time the three of us had breakfast together.

Anyway it was an enjoyable breakfast. We talked about our future – our wedding, our honeymoon, our children. It was fun. I don’t know how we started talking about that but we did.

Today, I will think of how the decisions I make now will shape my future.


Plan for Tomorrow

I am starting to get into a habit of planning out my tomorrow before I go to bed. I have managed to plan out my whole week and I am really proud of myself.

I wrote out my goals and what I want to accomplish.. I cannot wait to start my day off right!

I am going to clean when I wake up. I am also going to do a bit of decluttering. I find that getting rid of stuff that I no longer use is very freeing.

Today, I will plan out my tomorrow. I will write my goals out to make more meaningful and motivate me to accomplish them.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead is key.

I try my best to plan ahead but it’s difficult because the people I make plans never give a solid answer. It gets frustrating at times. I try not to let drawn my spirits.

It’s important to get stuff done well before it needs to be done.

Today, I will work on having better time management to ensure things get done when they need to get done.