My Grandparents

Today, 68 years ago, my wonderful Grandparents got married. They are the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

I remember growing up, they would take my sister and I to their cottage over our summer vacation. It was amazing, since the beach and an ice cream was near their cottage. They were our babysitters during the summer holiday when my parents went to work. We always had so much fun.

My Grandma was on the phone to her sister-in-law, when we were getting ready to leave for the cottage, so my Grandpa was able to teach me how to tie my shoes. He showed me with the bunny ears, and 18 years later, I still tie my shoes like that. Teehee!

We had amazing sleepovers at their house as well. My Grandpa would be the first one to go to bed, and my sister, Grandma would stay up watching a movie. And then she would tuck us in to bed in their guest bedroom. She would tell us a bedtime prayer, and some jokes, as well.

“Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my Soul to keep
If I should die before I ‘wake,
I pray the Lord my Soul to take.”

In the morning, my Grandpa would make us a delicious breakfast. We had bacon, French toast, cereal, fruit, hash browns, and cup of tea. My Grandpa is the one who made me fall in love with tea.

When I was sick, and both my parents had to work that day, they would come over and take care of me. I loved that my Grandma would make us turkey or chicken noodle soup and delivered it to whoever was sick in our family.

My Grandma was an amazing cook, she made a delicious roast beef, turkey, desserts such as butter tarts, date squares and cherry cheesecake. My Grandma was the best cook ever!

When I was younger, I remember whenever I left my Grandparents’ house, I used to put my feet on top of my Grandpa’s feet, and we would dance for a bit. My Grandma would give us her spare change from her purse as well. Every holiday (like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween), my Grandma would mail us a card and have a $5 bill in the card. I always loved getting mail.

When I was 10 years, I burned myself and my Grandparents used to visit me everyday. It was a third degree burn, so I needed a skin graft. So when my surgery day came, my Grandparents waited with me, and my parents until the surgeons were ready for me. My other Grandparents picked my sister up from school and made her dinner that night.

About 20 years ago, my Great Uncle (my Grandpa’s brother) passed away, so they would always take us to visit my Great Aunt, since she was lonely. We played card games and talk a lot, over cups of tea, and fudge. And I am so glad because she is my second cousin’s Grandma. And now I get to tell my second cousin all about my adventures. She loves hearing all about it.

My Grandparents have their birthdays in June, just like me, so every year we would combine our birthdays with Fathers’ Day. It would be such a fun day. I always looked forward to celebrating our birthdays together.

Some time ago, my uncle, and aunt and cousins moved to another city. But because my uncle worked in the same city my grandparents and I lived in, he was able to pick us up to visit my cousins for the whole weekend. It was a lot of fun. I am forever grateful for those nights.

I am also happy that I met my now boyfriend on July the 19th, six years ago. It makes me believe that we are destined to be with each other even more.

I feel very fortunate to have amazing Grandparents. I love them dearly. This is what has been making the whole pandemic the hardest right now, since I can’t visit them at the moment. But at least I am able to call them.