They Both Die at the End Discussion Part One

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay about writing this post. I’ve had a busier week than I thought I would have. But I’m back!

In this discussion, we are only talking about the first part, so if you have read more, please refrain from mentioning it to avoid spoiling the book for others. Thank you! If you haven’t finished Part One, just know that there will be spoilers ahead!

Welcome to our first discussion of our Book Club! This month my pick is They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera.

I have originally got this book in a little while ago. I also bought this book for my friend’s birthday, and I had waited for him to catch up in reading this book. I had put the book down, while waiting for him to be on the same page as me. I had to restart from the beginning just in case I had missed something, but I also needed a refresher of the book to confidently talk about it with you.

Part One of the book introduces the concept about Death-Cast, and how they end up calling Mateo and Rufus (the two main characters in the book) to warn them that some time in the next twenty four hours their life will end. It is a reminder that they need to make today count, since it is their last day.

We learn that Mateo’s dad has been in a coma for the past two weeks. Rufus’ parents and sister died in a car accident when their car tumbled into the Hudson River. Since the accident Rufus has ended up in foster care. Before Rufus received his call from Death Cast, he is beating his ex girlfriend’s boyfriend. He then makes a vow to myself that he will die being a nice person. He decides to throw himself a funeral so his friends can honour and remember his life. But his funeral is then crashed by the police who try to arrest him for beating up Peck. Rufus then discovers an app called Last Friend and connects with Mateo, who also received his Death-Cast call earlier. Mateo only really has two friends, his Dad, and Lydia. He decides that he doesn’t want to burden with her about him dying some time today. He decides to sign up for Last Friend. He has always wished to be a carefree and outgoing person, but sadly he isn’t. So he hopes that this app is able to help him break out of his shell. The two of them agree to meet each other in real life after talking and connecting with one another.

“Life this day to the fullest, okay?”

-Death Cast

“No matter how we choose to live, we both die at the end.”

-Adam Silvera

So here are my discussion questions for anyone who has read Part One yet.

  1. How would you like to spend your last day on earth?
  2. If you were to tell anyone about you receiving a call from Death-Cast, who will you tell?
  3. Why do you think that Mateo decided not to tell Lydia about him receiving the call from Death-Cast? Who do you think benefited from it? Mateo? Or Lidia?
  4. How did this story change the idea of your life and death?
  5. Did either Mateo or Rufus’ family relate to your family? If so, how?
  6. Would you like to know the exact day you will die, if there was a way of knowing?
  7. Have you ever encountered a near death experience? If so, what was it? And how did it change your life?

My Answers

  1. I would spend my last day with the people that I love. I would have a cup of tea out of my Papa’s tea pot since that brings me a lot of joy. I would love to throw myself a party, that includes dancing and drinking. If I was scheduled to work, I would call in, teehee! I would get my nails done one last time. I would go out for breakfast, because I love pancakes! I would have pasta for lunch, and then Thai food for dinner, hopefully. I would also write a letter to my favourite people reminding them how much I love them, and give them some advice and wisdom to help them even after my passing. I would also include my favourite memories together.
  2. I will tell my parents, sister and my two friends that I had received my call from Death-Cast. I also would write a quick post on my blog site including my acknowledgements and how much I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments, and their positive words of encouragement as well.
  3. I think that Mateo decided not to tell Lidia because he didn’t want to burden her with him passing away especially since he was the Godfather to her daughter. I think it was for Mateo’s benefit not to tell her since he didn’t want to be the one that would have to tell her that he will die within the next twenty four hours. Because he couldn’t change the outcome of when he was going to die, he was protecting himself by not having to tell her. Lidia has experienced so much sadness especially since her boyfriend had already passed away.
  4. The concept of this story has showed me that life is precious. And that sometimes the people we meet can be the ones that bring out the best of us more than the ones we know and love. It has reminded that we must try to live each day to the fullest, instead of doing mindless things that just kill time, like too much time on our phones, too much aimless scrolling, and not enough living. It really is important and necessary to do things that we love.
  5. I wasn’t really able to relate to either Mateo’s and Rufus’ family. Although I have experienced loss of loved ones. The hardest loss that I had faced was my Grandpa. So I was able to relate to that aspect of that.
  6. I think I wouldn’t mind knowing when my End Date will be. I like that it would give me time to plan the day and decide how I would like to spend my last day. It would give me a chance to say my goodbyes.
  7. I had a near death experience when I got hit by a car three years ago. It was so scary. I’m lucky because I didn’t break anything, and thankfully there was no life altering injuries. It gave me more hope and a reason to not let life pass me by. It really did give me a second chance, and I am so glad for that.

This concludes our first discussion of the book. I look forward to reading your answers, and letting me know what your thoughts are on this book. So far I love this book. I am so excited to read the next book!

Here is the schedule for the book club…

Part One Discussion begins November 7th
Part Two Discussion begins November 14th
Part Three Discussion begins: November 21st
Part Four, plus the book as a whole Discussion begins: November 28th

I am so excited for this, and I hope you are, too!

We Run From Pain

“Something terrible happens, we blame ourselves, and we don’t want to feel it, so we run. We run from joy, too because we think we don’t deserve happiness. But it’s a package deal. There is no joy without pain.”

-Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

For some of you who are new my blog, one of my favourite shows is Grey’s Anatomy. I can binge watch that show for days on end. In fact, I have countless times.

As of lately I have been feeling sad, well I’ve been mostly sad these days. I’ve been trying my best to cheer myself up, some days can be a difficult task than other days.

This was a quote that Meredith says to Teddy about how Teddy is always running from her pain. And that when happy things happen to her, she feels like she doesn’t deserve it. Which I can 100% relate to. This year has been unbearable and challenging at times. I feel like I have been running away from my problems. But that is a never ending race. As much as we hate to admit this, we will never be able to run away from our problems. They will keep on reappearing in our lives until we learn we are needed to learn in the first place. The problem with feelings is they demand to be felt.

I keep on reminding myself that there will come a time that the pain I had to encounter is going to transfer into something so beautiful and joyous. We just have to keep on believing in ourselves, and we’ll see it for ourselves. Our battles and problems will turn us into warriors, we just can’t let them ruin us, or bring us down. If we let our situations belittle us, I hope that we continue to raise to the occasion. Like my Grandpa always said; “Time waits for no one.”.

We think we don’t deserve happiness or joy, but we actually do deserve it. We work so hard, and feel like there isn’t time to truly experience bliss. We are too busy to let these positive emotions in. But we really should be setting aside time for happiness.

When we feel pain, just know that joy is soon to follow. We just have to trust the universe, and ourselves.


Every week, I like to write about a quote, too. I have always loved reading and becoming inspired with various quotes. I also like to write them down on cute note pad paper for my boyfriend. I like to place the note in his sweater pockets, or somewhere where he can find it.

I am trying to not let myself be defined by my failures. I try to look at everything as something that needed to happen, in order for the better things to happen to me. Everything in life is only temporary. So when things aren’t working for us, we know that things can only get better.


Every week, I like to post about something inspirational and motivational. I hope this helps people achieve their goals.

I like to think that if we spend more time focusing and talking about our blessings, instead of our problems, then the universe will continue to bless us with more blessings, and things to be grateful for. If you continue to talk about what is wrong in your life, then the universe is just going to continue to bring you more hardships. Whatever you send out into the universe is going to come back to you, multiplied. Whatever you spend your most time talking about is going to come back to you, so you may as well talk about your blessings.


I am a bit behind, but I hope everyone had a great week, so far. Here is a weekly quote to close out the week.

We have the power to use our words to heal or hurt people, the choice is ours. Why don’t we do something inspiring to help others? We might not even know the magnitude of our words or actions have on other people. So in the world that can seem like an awful place, we should learn to love and appreciate others.

And more importantly we should also learn to empower ourselves. We need to learn that it is okay to let go of things, and sometimes people that no longer serve us, or add any joy in our lives. It’s okay to leave things behind. Not everything was meant to stay with us forever. The sooner we learn this, the more peaceful our lives will be.

Up! – Shania Twain

I love representing my Canadian girls! One of my favourite singers is Shania Twain. I remember my parents bought me a Shania Twain CD for Christmas. I was so happy! I love listening to her music. I remember begging my parents to play that CD in their car. So I thought it would be perfect to include her for Music Mondays.

The song that I picked for Shania Twain is Up!, it is about learning to remain positive after something bad has happened to you. Shania is telling us that things can only go up from here.

“When everything is goin’ wrong
Don’t worry, it won’t last for long
Yeah, it’s all gonna come around
Don’t go let it get you down
You gotta keep on holding on”

-Shania Twain, Up!

Last Day of January

Despite that the first month of the year is coming to a close. It’s important to remind yourself that you even though you didn’t get to do all the things you had wished to do, it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be able to accomplish your goals. Sometimes the roads to success is under construction, so you may have to take a detour to your goals, and that is okay, too. Or sometimes, you have to take another road, and then you come across one of my favourite words – serendipity. It means that you found something better than what you were looking in the first place.

But regardless of what you are going through right now, you will find your passion, and you will reach your goals. Just hold your head held high, because when you cry, or hold your head low, your tiara is falling. Keep on going, and never lose sight of your dreams.

Day 26

The other night, my boyfriend and I were discussing something, and he could have handled it better. I get that it was a stressful topic. But just because something is stressful, it does not give someone a free pass to say something mean to the other person. When things get stressful, it is important to stay calm, and not to lash out by something you will regret the second you say it.

“Two things to remember in life”

Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, and take care of your words when you are with people.”


Learn to refrain from saying anything mean to another person just because you two are fighting or having a disagreement.

Photo Credit: Teach Junkie

Today, I will learn to carefully about my thoughts that I wish to share and contribute to the person I am talking to. I should learn that my tongue has the power to heal or the power to hurt someone. I should make sure that I speak only kind words. I should choose my words wisely, to ensure that I don’t hurt anyone in the process.

Day 23

Something that I have learnt from Gretchen Rubin, is that she talks about the importance of what we do every day, matters more than what we occasionally do.

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in awhile”

-Gretchen Rubin

What I love about this quote is that she talks about how important our habits are. I believe how we spend our days matters. How we spend our days, can tell us if we have what it takes to make our goals a reality. Do we prioritize social media instead of spending time working on our goals?

Even if we only spend 10 minutes of working on our goals, we can have a bit accomplished, than nothing at all. Good habits of setting aside time every day, is what helps ensures you that we accomplish our goals.

Today, I will allow myself to spend time on what I truly want to achieve. I will understand that how I decide to use my time, will determine what habits I would like to have. And these habits will determine whether or not I have the ability to make my goals happen.

Your Message

I like to start the week off by sharing a positive quote to help us be more positive with ourselves, and whatever comes our way throughout the week.

I hope this quote helps others. I would like people to believe in themselves more. I dislike when I hear people who keep on saying they can’t do things, or they are scared to do something they know is the right thing to do.

We need to embrace ourselves, and trust our journey. Anything is possible. Just learn to not be so hard on yourself. Just go after your future.