Day 18

It’s important to try and schedule a day, or a half day of relaxation once a week. To have a day where you can truly enjoy yourself is a great feeling. I know they are people who are parents, and may have a difficult time being able to find time to relax, especially with young children. But hopefully you are still able to find some time to yourself. It can do wonders to the body.

My day has always been Sundays because I love eating great food and watching football. I have always loved watching football. It’s one of my favourites past times. I also like to relax by reading, taking a bath, and cooking.

Today, I will find time so I can relax throughout my day. It is important for us to unwind, and not have time to worry about errands, or anything else.

Watch a Movie

On this edition of Feel Good Friday, my suggestion is to watch a movie. It can be your absolute favourite movie, it can be a Christmas movie, it can be a new movie you haven’t seen before, any kind of movie at all.

Watching a movie will help you out so much. I heard that watching something you have already seen before, it can help relax and calm you, because you already know what is going to happen next.

Later on today, my boyfriend and I are going to watch Soul, it’s the newest Disney movie that is coming out today on Disney+. My boyfriend and I are super excited to see it. I feel like it’s going to be a tear jerker. I love those kinds of movies.

Day 153 of 192

This is Sunday’s item.

This one was an easy item for me to part with. It’s super old, and expired as I have bought a few years back, and that it has been stashed away in a container.

Some things are really easy to throw away than others. But throwing away many items like this is, builds strength and confidence to learn to be comfortable with having less. Living with less, means less stress, and a clearer mind. It feels really amazing to let go of things, even if it’s just lip balm.

Mini Absence

Hey everyone! I apologize for taking a small break, but I appreciate the love, and kind words.

On Thursday, I baby sat my niece, while my sister had an appointment. Then we got to hang out for the whole day, with my niece which is always fun. My mom got to come over at work. My boyfriend works with my sister’s boyfriend, so he got to hang out with us as well.

On Friday, I was just catching up on some sleep. I ended up having an ear infection, so I kept on waking up throughout the night. I spent the day watching TV, trying to take my mind off my ear infection. I had to make myself some of immune boosting teas.T My boyfriend and I spent the evening hanging out, and just relaxing. We watched a movie together.

We watched our shows on Saturday. it was another relaxing day. We even had take out, so we can just enjoy each other’s company even more.

I made time for reading some of my books, which is always fun.

Minus the ear infection it was fairly relaxing four days. I’m feeling a bit better.

Reading A Book

This is a late post from yesterday. I am writing about Feel Good Fridays. It’s where I write about ways to feel good about ourselves. Yesterday, I walked to the library, and I got a book that I wanted to read for a really long time. It’s called White Oleander.

I think reading is a good way to relax the mind. At least it does that to my mind. Reading makes me feel good. It’s a good way to unwind. Depending on what you are reading you can learn something from it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I live in Canada, it is my Thanksgiving weekend! Not many things happened this weekend. My boyfriend and I stayed in and had our own dinner. We made a roast last weekend, so this weekend we had Thai take out. It was a fun time. We did the same thing last year, so it’s starting to turn into our new thing. This time since we weren’t busy getting ready, we got to watch a lot of football.

Like any other day, we express our gratitude and think about what we are thankful for, but this weekend we are extra thankful. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. Mostly because you get to express your gratitude, spend time with family and friends over delicious food. There’s no pressure of having to buy things for other people, like Christmas, or Easter, or any other holiday. The weather is perfect for sweater weather. I love wearing my cozy sweater. 🙂

It was nice to just relax and not have to do much of anything this weekend like we typically would have.

I hope everyone had a joyous weekend.

Day For Me

Hey, so I took the day off to myself yesterday. I just felt like I was having too much screen time, so I was just enjoying a bit of a break.

It was a really relaxing day to not be online, and just unplug from the phone every now and again.

It is really healthy to step back from the online world, and do something that makes me happy.