Grocery Shopping

Hi all!

So today was the first time I went grocery shopping by myself during this whole pandemic. I mean, I have gone grocery shopping on my own before. But going alone by yourself in the middle of pandemic, just feels a bit more scary.

I live within walking distance of a grocery store. What made it intense was trying to open those produce bags, without licking your fingers. But I ended up using my hand sanitizer as a added moisturizer.

My grocery store is fairly well with having arrows, and signs that let you know how where to stand, while remaining two feet apart.

It took some getting used to at first. Especially since I have only been at this grocery store a few times since I have relocated to a new house a few months ago.

It was okay. I wore my mask, I had my hand sanitizer in my clutch. I always was anxious leaving a purse in my buggy before covid-19, so I always carried my clutch since it’s an over body bag. It’s not too big, but it carries my cards, my sanitizer, a pen, and my keys.

The hardest part of it all, was packing everything in a bag, because the cashier can only have two customers bag their groceries at once. I hate making others wait, so nothing was packed strategically at all. Which made the walk back home, really difficult.

I’m trying my hardest to carry all six bags back home. I was struggling, and I thought I was going to be able to manage this, alas, I couldn’t. I had to keep putting these bags on the ground and take a breather after every few houses. I had realized that one of my bags had teared up, luckily I didn’t leave a trail of food in my tracks. My arms and hands were so sore from carrying all of this. I sent a text message to my roommate and hoping that he wasn’t busy. So he came and helped me carry everything back.

And when I came in, because all of those bags touched the ground, I just threw them in the garbage bin. I sometimes use them as garbage bags for the bathroom garbage bins.

All in all, things weren’t as scary as I thought. I just have to follow the rules and signs, and I’ll be okay.