Let Go With Grace

I attended a meditative writing workshop a few years ago, and this is what I wrote. It was a small gathering of people where we began to listen to a guided meditation and we would have ten minutes to transfer our thoughts onto our journals. This was actually from five years ago, but I just came across this piece paper the other day. Our starting line for that night was “As I stepped onto the path…” Although I have slightly revised it a bit.

As I stepped onto the path I take a look back and see how far I’ve come and everything that has happened to me, the good, the bad, and the “not so pretty” times, I realized that everything happened for a reason. I learn just how grateful I am for everything. I remember my challenges that gave me the strength to conquer all that I need to in my journey. I trust the universe.

As I stepped onto the path, I I let go of fear of would, or will happen to me. Overthinking at its finest. I let go of the past for it has shaped me into who I am and who I am meant to be. I let go of all that no longer serves me or sparks joy. I let it all go. I let go with grace.

As I stepped onto the path I am lighter. I am free. I release all judgement from others, but more importantly from myself. I welcome joy and allow myself to do things that adds happiness. I become mindful and don’t fret about the past or the future. I stay present.

I keep on moving and welcome great things. As I step onto the path, I can invite new opportunities to better myself.

I no longer let other people judge me or belittle me. I am only trying my best. As I step on the path I know I can do anything I set my mind to. If something goes wrong, or if I stumble, I make it part of my dance and keep on travelling. I let go of what no longer serves me. I listen to the music in my heart, and keep on striving for many adventures on the horizon. As I step on the path, I let go with grace.


Day 58

For my new followers, thank you for your support. I appreciate the love, and kind words. Every day, I write about life lessons that I have either learned from the day, or sometime throughout my life. I was inspired by Melody Beattie’s book The Language of Letting Go. It’s a book about her daily meditation on codependency. Although her book is focused on codependency, her mediation can be applied to other aspects of anyone’s lives. This is a lesson from Saturday.

My boyfriend’s birthday was on Sunday, so I was trying to paint him a cool picture. The problem is I am a terrible artist, or so I thought that was the problem… But I had this cool image of just what my painting should look like, but sadly that was not the case. I was trying to blend two paints together. It was supposed to be an ocean, so I was going to start the painting with a light blue, and was supposed to blend a darker blue. It was supposed to give an illusion that the water was getting deeper. I couldn’t blend it in nicely. I was telling my boyfriend that I was having a hard time blending the two colours together. My boyfriend tried, and he is more artistic than me. He tried, and he said, that it’s because we don’t have fancy paint brushes. We bought ours at the dollar store, so they aren’t top quality.

I gave up and just painted the mini canvas with a blue, and wrote; “Sending you an ocean of Love”. I used red paint for love, and yellow for the rest. I handed my painting to my boyfriend, and he loved it.

I have learned that we are our worst critics. We often doubt our abilities, and we can say mean stuff to ourselves, when we really shouldn’t. We should learn to be more compassionate to ourselves. We wouldn’t be saying mean things to our friends, or family members. So why we think it is okay to say these things to ourselves?

Today, I will try and remove any hate, and hurtful things that I say to myself. Instead I will try to provide myself with love, and compassion. I will learn to work on being so hard on myself. I wouldn’t say anything mean to my friends, or family, so why should I say hateful things to myself? I need to practice self love, and love myself, for my flaws, and mistakes.


Something I have learned is I should never hide who I am, my quirks is what makes me unique. I should embrace everything that makes me, as should everyone else. If we hide who we truly are, than we are not ourselves. The universe needs us, not the selves we conceal from the world, but our true selves.

I hope everyone has an amazing week ahead. And don’t forget to be you. You won’t regret it. 🙂 ❤

Self Worth

Here is your weekly quote to help you get by.

I love this quote because it reminds me to always remind myself of my self worth. You are stronger than you think you are. Always remember how truly amazing you are. You were sent to be a part of the world, and the world can’t exist without you.

You should surround yourself with the people who bring out the best of you, not the worst in you. You should hang around with people who see your value and purpose.

Reminder of Our Perseverance

Last week, I was talking to my second cousin, and she has had a lot on her plate as of lately. I am fortunate that I am someone that she trusts enough to talk about these things with. I am happy to say that I give her so much support and love. Although I wish we live closer, but I hope we can catch up again soon. I miss her so much.

She has been dealing with some family drama and disagreements, and let’s face who hasn’t? I love sharing my wisdom with others. I enjoy helping people. She often feels overwhelmed and that whatever she is doing, is not enough. I always remind her, that what she is thinking is totally false, she just needs to change her mindset.

“It’s only a thought… and a thought can be changed.”

-Louise Hay

We are grateful to have each other in our lives.

I’m sure they are many people out there that can relate to dealing with family drama, and having relationship problems. (Talking to my cousin about this, has inspired me to write about how to solve relationship problems and conflicts, more to come). Don’t feel bad for not having “the perfect family”, no one really does, no matter how difficult that is to admit.

She has been addressing unhappiness with her job, as well. It’s easy for her to hate the world, and feel defeated with everything. But that isn’t the case, I tell her every chance I get of how amazing she is.

For everyone out there who may be dealing with one or all of these situations, it might be easy to just give up and roll over. But don’t! Use all of these challenging times as stepping stones to build something better.

I told my cousin, that it’s okay to have to go through these battles. It is mostly about how you deal with these confusing times. It’s truly important that during these times, they are handled in a healthy way. Using addictive alternatives (such as alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.) to cope with these struggles, it only fixes things temporarily, they do NOT solve problems in the long term. Resorting to such dangerous coping mechanisms only numbs your pain. I have learned from close friends in my life, that numbing the pain for awhile, just hurts even more when you finally feel it.

My suggestions to help you cope with all of these feelings, is to build a support system, where you can talk to trusted people about with what is happening in your life. Or just having one person is helpful enough. And if you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable discussing this with, which is okay, by the way, then that brings me to my alternative solution.

Write in a journal, write about anything you want, let it flow onto the page. You don’t have to let anyone read it if you don’t want to. It can be just for your eyes only. I am one who never had many friends, so I had to learn to be my own best friend.

Another thing, I have told her that starting a new job can be scary and terrible, but so is staying at a lousy job. Your life is far too short to spend it being anything but happy. So I recommended that she looks for another job, but at the same be thankful that she still has a job.

Everyone experiences relationship problems, but we should see it as an opportunity to discuss things that you are not happy with, and begin to think of solutions. You have to go through a storm to get a rainbow.

On our lower days it’s easy to just stay in bed, not wanting to deal with the world. Been there, done that and didn’t get much done. But what is important is that we make the time to take care of ourselves. It’s the simple things that add so many benefits. It’s the little things like making your bed, brushing your teeth and hair. They all make you feel so much better. And by doing those things takes no more than 15 minutes, and you will feel so much better. When you make your bed, you get a sense of accomplishment, and it gets the ball rolling for you wanting to do something more, and more.

When you are constantly allowing yourself to drown in everyone else’s lives and thoughts, it’s easy to forget about your needs and wants. Learn to take some time for you every day, not just on your lower days. Learn to set aside 15 minutes of your day, just on you. Or a little longer, depending on how you feel. Take a long, hot shower, or a warm bath with Epsom salts, and whatever else you need to feel relax and unwind.

Practicing meditating and doing various yoga poses can also help you de-stress, too. There are so many more videos are YouTube to help you. Perhaps, you are more into the arts, so maybe drawing or painting, may benefit you more. You just got to follow your heart and decide what is going to bring you the most joy.

“”Anyone out there who’s in junior high, high school, working it out, suffering — There are days you’re going to feel sad, you’re going to feel angry, you’re going to feel scared, that’s nothing you can choose, but you can make stuff. Make films, draw, write, It will make a world of difference.”

-Pete Docter, Inside Out Director Academy Award Acceptance Speech

Everyone should think what they truly want to happen from all of these difficult times. Everything happens for a reason, and it takes a bad apple to appreciate a good apple. Because we are going through tough times, we all get to decide why these things are happening to us. We decide why the universe threw all of this at us. Think of what you want to happen next. Think of goals or skills you would like to accomplish. Be as specific as you can. From there you can write about small manageable goals that you do in order to achieve your big goal. Be sure to let your support team know when you have accomplished your small goals, so they can celebrate you!

What ever you may be going through today, always remember that you are going to make it. What’s important is that you continue to love yourself in the process. Never stop loving yourself, or you will lose yourself. And a world without you, is not a lovely world. The world needs you — exactly how you are. The genuine you, not the person you pretend to be. Always stay true to yourself. You are always enough, and you are always loved.

With Love,
Three Yellow Daisies xo ❤

Try – Colbie Caillat

I absolutely love this song so much! What I love about this song, is that Colbie is encouraging us to be comfortable with ourselves and that we don’t have to change a thing about us in order for others to like us. Nor should we stress ourselves out if people like us or not. What happens is how we feel and see ourselves.

“Wait a second,
Why, should you care, what they think of you
When you’re all alone, by yourself, do you like you?
Do you like you?”

-Colbie Caillat, Try

Feeling Off

Hey everyone, sorry that I haven’t been on much during the weekend. I just wasn’t feeling like myself and some stuff to sort through. I’m doing alright and that my family and myself are doing okay.

I just took some time for myself. I’m sure everyone has some days where we aren’t feeling like ourselves. We just got to take some time out to be reset and making ourselves a priority, again.

It was an emotional weekend, for sure. But a reminder to make self care necessary.

Never Lose Yourself

It’s another Eckhart Tolle Friday. It’s where I talk about a quote from Eckhart Tolle. He is a spiritual teacher and reminds us to stay in the present moment. I came across this picture in my Facebook memories from a few years ago.

What I love about this picture and quote is that it lets us know that no matter what our possessions that we own, may come and go, but who we are as a person never leaves.

Some people own things to only replace it for the “next best thing”. But the qualities that makes us remain with us. We never lose them. And if we are lost, and going through something, those hardships will help us find who we are, in case we don’t already know who we are. No matter where we are going, we always find our true selves, and never lose ourselves. Despite our hardships, we always become the person we are destined to become.

Macklemore – Vipassana

Hey everyone! Welcome to this edition of Music Mondays!

One of my favourite singers is Macklemore. He has written a lot of powerful and meaningful songs, than just all of the fun songs like Thrift Shop which was a huge hit back in 2012. In his other songs, he talks about his recovery and how he stopped using drugs, and he shared with us his relapses and how he stopped using again. He also talked about how he supports LBGT Rights in a song called Same Love. He was also featured in one of Barack Obama’s weekly addresses back in May of 2016, talking about the dangers of being addicted to opioids and painkillers to help others know there is always help and for them to know they are not alone.

This week I picked Vipassana* to be the song of the week, because it really is a meaningful song. Vipassana is a Buddhist mediation that translates into insight, or special seeing. It is a form of mediation that concretes on the connection between your mind and body. It also allows you to be mindful of your inner self.

* Explicit language, since he does swear a few times.

“I don’t control life, but I can control how I react to it.”

-Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis, Vipassana

What I love about this song lyric, is the reminder that to truly be happy, you should focus on how you are reacting to whatever life is throwing at you. Life can throw you through several hoops, but know that things get better. You realize that you can’t always control everything in your life, but you can control how you are going to react to it. It is about accepting that yes, we are all going to have bad days, but just because we have our bad days, it doesn’t mean that we should let them bring us down. There isn’t much of a point to get upset over something you can’t control. Learn and appreciate the bad days.