Day 122 of 192

These are the shoes that I had worn for grade eight graduation.

I have worn them on the occasion afterwards, too. These heels were really cute. I enjoyed wearing these when I got the chance to. But now that I know how damaging heels are for our feet, I have refrain myself from wearing them. If I have to dress up, I will try to wear wedges, because they aren’t as bad as heels. Although I will make the exception of wearing heels at weddings, and my future graduation ceremonies.


Day 120 of 192

My Grandma gave me these shoes. I think I have only worn them a few times. I was never too fond of them, but I kept them, insisting I would like them if I kept them a few more times.

But now I see I shouldn’t have done, keeping something from someone else.

I am glad of the growth of overcoming this habit.

Day 116 of 192

Hey y’all, I’m back! I took a small break from my blog to focus on me for a bit.

This is Friday’s item.

My feet never really got that big growing up, so up until a few years ago, my shoes from elementary school stopped fitting me just recently. I am now just getting rid of what doesn’t fit.

I used to wear these shoes in grade six. I loved wearing these shoes for Easter, and having my mom paint my toes with some bold and bright colours.

But unfortunately several years later, they no longer fit, and that’s okay. I just hope that whomever ends up with these shoes, they have many great memories with these shoes as I did.

Decluttering Day Three

I’m still working away in my closet and I got rid of a pair of shoes that I have had over a year now and never worn them so I decided to depart with them. As well as two shirts that I won’t wear anymore.

One Thing – Closet Top Shelf

Today’s challenge was to declutter and rearrange the top shelf of my closet that way I place my dress-up shoes. I keep three of my top worn shoes in my foyer. That list includes my work shoes and a pair of flats.

I always store my sewing kit on the top shelf. Despite that one of nickname is Lil J (from Gossip Girl) I can’t sew.