September 2020 Wrap Up

September just flew by. But I was able to accomplish so much. I was able to finish writing my first short story. It may have been a bit choppy, but it was basically like a first draft. I would love to be able to revamp and edit it more thoroughly and perhaps publishing it as a real book one day. It has been a dream of mine to be an author.

I have learned a lot about myself like how I can learn to trust myself and that I can do anything I put my mind to. I have been enjoying this blogging experience. It feels amazing being part of this community.

I have also learned the value of time. I am trying my best to not waste my time and try to continue working towards my goals. I have learned more what I want in my life.

I want to focus on my goals like reading, practicing yoga and meditation every day. I am trying to cut back on my spending, so I have more money to save up for my future.

I can’t wait to see what October brings me. 🙂 I hope we have the best month ever. Cheers!


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