Electronic Detox

On this edition of Feel Good Fridays, I am going to talk about the importance of stepping away from electronics (TV, phone, laptop, anything else). Keep mind, I am just talking about a short break, nothing permanent, since there are benefits of technology.

When we have so much exposure to various electronics, it can become overwhelming. The thing that we can learn from technology, is that whenever our devices are getting a low battery life, we plug them in, so they don’t die. And we often to forget to charge ourselves. When our phones, or other devices “die”, they just turn off, but when our energy levels are low, we keep on pushing ourselves. This results in a burnout. It’s good to step back, and do something for awhile.

Even if we take a 15 minute break. It would wonders for the body. In this time, we can make a cup of tea, or coffee, and just really enjoy it. Or we can stretch, or write in a journal. The possibilities are endless. Something else that is beneficial is to turn off electronics an hour (at least) before bed. This will help you fall asleep faster, because your body will become aware that it is bedtime.

Any time spent away from technology will help you relax, and relieve stress throughout your day.

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