Thankful Thursdays #2

It’s another Thankful Thursday, where I write about the things I am thankful for the week.

  1. The house that my boyfriend and I live is set to be really cold with the AC on, so I am thankful to have cozy socks and fluffy blankets to keep us warm.
  2. I am grateful for all of my teas. I love trying new tea, and having a bunch of different mugs. My favourite is S’mores Chai.
  3. My boyfriend got informed this morning, that he didn’t have to come in to work today, so he got to have a bonus day off, and I was off today, so we got to spend a day together. Which is perfect because I work on the days he has off.
  4. I love having pizza night, especially with my boyfriend.
  5. I enjoy talking a walk with a boyfriend. We went exploring in our new neighbourhood. We had a lot of fun.

What are the things that has happened this week that you are grateful for?


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