Dream BIG!

I hope everyone has at least one dream. It can be a small dream or a big goal. And if you don’t have any at the moment, that’s okay, too.

The point of this quote is to not let your fear of failing stop you from going after something you want in your life. I have a few goals, and yeah, some of them are scary. But I am taking things one day at a time. I take a big dream of mine and I have write out small steps on how I can work towards my goal.

That is one of the ways I am letting myself see something as a giant goal, broken down into smaller achievable goals. When I break down my goal into smaller goals, suddenly the goal isn’t seen as something scary. Sometimes when you have big dreams, you start to feel overwhelmed and you start becoming more scared of failing.

We often feel that because the bigger the dream, the more we might have to risk for this goal.

My advice is to not let your fear of failing determine whether or not you are going to go towards this passion. Just slowly begin by taking one step after the other. Baby steps can take someone very far. After all, “a lifetime is a series of baby steps.”

You go after your goals, and never look back.

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