Day 56

This lesson is from Thursday.

On Wednesday night, I went over to my mom’s for dinner. And she also invited her parents, too. We had a lovely time. I haven’t seen them in awhile with the whole lockdown and such. It was nice to share a meal with them. I helped my mom make the dinner, we had a roast beef, with corn and oven roasted potatoes. My mom and I hung out a bit before we had dinner. We went for a walk in her neighbourhood. That was fun.

It is important to spend time with family. As we’re growing up, and having fun, it’s easy to forget that they’re getting old. I know that some family members might live in different areas of the world, and can’t travel to go see them. Perhaps you can have a virtual dinner (if it works for the time zones you live in), or write them letters instead. Or send each other videos via email, or other social media platforms. The point is some times we don’t make time for our family, as often as we should.

Today, I will make more time to see or socialize with my family some way or another. Family is more valuable than we think it is. It is necessary to make time for family members. Family may be all that we have, so it is good for us to enjoy everything about them. When they pass on, we always wish to see them one more time.


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